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Nov 7 to Dec 16

Sally Metzger

As a teacher, spiritual director, retreat leader, and author, Sally Metzger has helped young people discover God’s boundless love for them for over 20 years. Sally has a Master of Theological Studies degree and developed and taught a course in faith formation for parents, religion teachers, and youth ministers.

Sally is active in chaplain ministry with the Community of Hope International. She is the author of two children’s books, Night of Mysterious Blessings and Jesus, Were You Little?

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Christian Children’s Books

Night of Mysterious Blessings

Night of Mysterious Blessings takes you on an adventure with a boy and his beloved dog. Enter this curious, oh-so-mysterious night, and be amazed at what you see in the morning’s light. Best of all, you will discover the priceless key to worrying less and smiling more.

So many books stress God is always with us. How fantastic for a book to proclaim the incredible truth that God is also within. For children to discover such intimacy with God—while their hearts are open to receiving the mystery of his presence—is a lifelong gift.

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“A Mama’s Corner of the World” – 11/10/2022


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Jesus, Were You Little?

“Out of the mouths of infants and nurslings you have brought forth praise” (Mt 21:16).

In Jesus, Were You Little? children full of questions and wonder take readers on a journey of discovery, making Jesus real and relatable to young and old. With innocent curiosity, children ask the King of kings if he ever climbed a tree, spilled his milk, or skinned his knee.

“Were you little? Just like me?”

Adventure by adventure, we realize that Jesus knew the joys, pains, and vulnerability of being little. Finally when a child, with budding devotion, asks the ultimate question — “Jesus, were you little? Just for me?” — we join together in the youngsters’ joy at the answer.

Spiritual Exercises – Discernment and Examen

Helping Children Grow in Jesus

Jesus calming the sea. Spiritual Exercises.

Spiritual Exercises

If we merely read about Jesus calming the sea, we miss the boat. But if we use our imaginations to experience the assault of the wet wind, the rocking of the boat, and Jesus bringing utter calm to the waves with one command, the biblical story comes alive as never before.

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Discernment and Examen

Discernment and Examen

How often do you need to make a decision, and NEED to make the right one? Ever wish God would send you a text giving you some good advice? It would be helpful to see what the Source of all wisdom says, even in smaller matters.

In this workshop, I’ll share some of St. Ignatius’ “rules of discernment.”

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Helping children grow in their love for Jesus.

Helping Children Grow in Their Love for Jesus

Scripture wasn’t written only to record how Christ interacted with people 2,000 years ago. Christ’s love and words of wisdom are meant for each one of us today. The sensory details in the guided prayer below allow children to imagine themselves with Christ in a Bible story and, ultimately, to experience his love for them.

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What People Are Saying About Sally’s Talks and Workshops

I Now Have a Sacred Connection

"Sally has helped me to see the work I do each day in the business world a calling. I now have a sacred connection that makes me think differently and feel differently about the challenges that may come my way." - DP

You Continue to Inspire Me

"Your talks this weekend have been amazing. You continue to inspire me to live a more Christ-centered life." – SB

A Deep Peace and Alignment

"I felt a deep peace and alignment with my faith." – AC

I See Growth in Myself

"I see growth in myself, a more peaceful existence, a deeper spiritual faith, and a happier life. Sally has a wonderful balance of competence in her field coupled with a beautiful, loving spirit that takes hold of you. She has a grounding and centeredness in spiritual truths that invites introspection and prayerfulness." – DT

I Felt a Deeper Peace

"I got back in touch with my real self and my deepest desires. I gained so much more personal freedom and courage ... I felt a deeper peace than I've experienced in years...Sally's kindness and sincere empathy meant so much to me." – PJ

Exactly What I Needed

"I just wanted to let you know how beautiful and perfect and ultimately challenging the guided imagery was. I didn't expect to have such an intense experience during reflection and certainly not one so emotionally charged. This experience was exactly what I needed." – LH

A Whole New Positive Perspective

"I began to look at life with a whole new positive perspective. I am able to talk with God about everything." – LF

A Great Source of Knowledge

"Sally has been a great source of knowledge and guidance and I now have a greater understanding of myself and others." - G.P.

Sally Made my God Bigger

"Sally made my God bigger." - A.N.

For the First Time Ever

"For the first time ever I've begun to question myself and make improvements." - S.D.

Changed Dramatically for the Better

I have changed dramatically for the better. You have helped me not to worry about what other people think about me and to just be real and true to myself and my beliefs. - R.T.