|Experiencing Christ’s Humanity|

As a child, I’d pull myself up and stand on the piano bench to gaze at baby Jesus. He slept soundly, stuck to His bed. I knew my mom was an artist when she cut stray branches from our Christmas tree and propped them up behind the stable so Jesus could be born in the woods. I would pick up the manger with baby Jesus inside and wonder, Jesus, were You little? Just like me?

I sometimes pictured Jesus as a climber of trees, catcher of frogs, runner of races. When the perils of childhood were fresh in my mind, I might ponder—did Jesus try to sleep but lie awake? Or get a tooth or tummy ache? I had no idea I would Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger.someday put my little girl questions into a picture book for children, Jesus, Were You Little? I’m thrilled to say the book was just released, and I pray its pages will help make Jesus real and relatable to children who gaze at the baby Jesus in a manger this Christmas.

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to connect with Christ or comprehend His sacrifice. I taught theology to teens for over two decades. At times, when we talked about Jesus on the cross, the story was old news. Students had frequently heard about the crucifixion before they could begin understanding its meaning. The immense power of Jesus’ REALITY had lost its flavor.

Thinking of Christ accepting the frailty of a child helps us fall in love with our very vulnerable Savior. Whether we are big or little, may we never forget that Jesus was not only 100% Divine but also 100% human. He chose the latter so that we could relate to Him. Let’s honor His choice by never forgetting His genuine personhood.

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