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Night of Mysterious Blessings

Night of Mysterious Blessings. Children's book by author Sally Metzger.

Have you ever had great big and tingly goosebumps? Or tossed and turned too long on a sleepless night? Have you ever seen tall shadows dance in your doorway? Or found a RELAX andlet-go peace deep inside? Night of Mysterious Blessings will let you share in the adventures of a boy and his beloved dog. Enter into this curious, oh-so mysterious night, and be amazed at what you see in the morning’s light. Best of all, the two of you, together, will uncover the priceless key to worrying less and smiling more.

So many books stress God is always with us. How fantastic for a book to proclaim the incredible truth that God is also within. For children to discover such intimacy with God—while their hearts are open to receiving the mystery of his presence—is a lifelong gift.

Jesus, Were You Little?

Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger.
Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger. Coming Soon.

Sally’s new book, Jesus, Were You Little?, will be released soon. Please check back often for release date and more information.

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