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Jesus, Were You Little?

Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger.

Jesus, Were You Little? Receives Two AWSA* Awards!

Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Christian Market Book Award Finalist, Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger.


Christian Market Book Award Winner

2023 Children’s Fiction Book of the Year

Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Golden Scroll Award Finalist, Jesus, Were You Little? by author Sally Metzger.


Golden Scroll Award Winner

2023 Children’s Book of the Year

*AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) is a group of Christian women who work as professional authors, entertainers, publishers, and speakers. The Golden Scroll Award is given to honor its members. The Christian Market Book Award is open to all Christian authors whose books are published in the Christian marketplace.

Jesus, Were You Little? Look inside the 2023 Children’s Book of the Year

Through lively verse and engaging images, children fall in love with the little boy Jesus, climber of trees, catcher of frogs, runner of races. Jesus, Were You Little? makes Jesus real and relatable for young and old.

“Out of the mouths of infants and nurslings you have brought forth praise” (Mt 21:16).

In Jesus, Were You Little? children full of questions and wonder take readers on a journey of discovery, making Jesus real and relatable to young and old. With innocent curiosity, children ask the King of kings if he ever climbed a tree, spilled his milk, or skinned his knee.

“Were you little? Just like me?”

Adventure by adventure, we realize that Jesus knew the joys, pains, and vulnerability of being little. Finally when a child, with budding devotion, asks the ultimate question — “Jesus, were you little? Just for me?” — we join together in the youngsters’ joy at the answer.

Watch and listen as Sally reads
an excerpt from the book and receives the award!

Review by Alison Henley, MA – 12/04/2022

Sally Metzger delights readers young and old with her creative introduction to Jesus through the musings of a child. So often young children are introduced to Christ through the imagery of the crucifixion which can be confusing and frightening. Metzger’s unique perspective takes us on an imaginative journey with Jesus as a little boy. We can see little Jesus running and skinning his knee, climbing a tree, spilling milk, catching a frog and dreaming of his future. The idea of Jesus being a small child and doing all of the things that small children do will warm the hearts of both children and adults.

Equally compelling, Caroline Baker Mazure’s colorful illustrations are inspiring with beautiful scenes from both day and night—sure to capture a young child’s interest. And while we are touched by Jesus as a little boy, Metzger cleverly introduces Jesus as one who watches over us and loves us more than anything. And reminds us that Jesus lives inside our hearts forever.

What a wonderful way to introduce children to Jesus as both a child and divine protector and guide. The target audience for the book is ages 3 to 6, so Jesus, Were You Little is a perfect bedtime story for wee ones to help them drift off to sleep feeling secure and loved; and later, this book would be easy enough for a beginning reader to enjoy. A great Christmas or birthday gift, I encourage parents and grandparents to purchase a copy for the beloved child in your life—it’s never too early to begin introducing children to God and Jesus, especially in our troubled times. We need to help children find faith and trust in God early in life and know they are loved. Sally Metzger’s new book does just that!

Night of Mysterious Blessings

A Bedtime Story Helping Children Feel Safe in God’s Love

Night Of Mysterious Blessings Book Cover by author Sally Metzger.

Have you ever had great big and tingly goosebumps? Or tossed and turned too long on a sleepless night? Have you ever seen tall shadows dance in your doorway? Or found a RELAXlet-go peace deep inside? In Night of Mysterious Blessings you will share in the adventures of a boy and his beloved dog. Enter this curious, oh-so-mysterious night, and be amazed at what you see in the morning’s light. Best of all you will uncover the priceless key to worrying less and smiling more.

So many books stress God is always with us. How fantastic for a book to proclaim the incredible truth that God is also within. For children to discover such intimacy with God—while their hearts are open to receiving the mystery of his presence—is a lifelong gift.

A Peek Inside the Bedtime Story,
Night of Mysterious Blessings


Review by Angela Thompson from “A Mama’s Corner of the World” – 11/10/2022

Child-Friendly Introduction to God’s Protection. Night of Mysterious Blessings is an excellent book for Christian families to introduce little ones to the ideas of God’s Protection–and giving our worries to God. The last few years have brought a lot of concern, fear, and doubt to so many families. Anxiety and worry are so common in younger children who have endured a lot of change and uncertainty as families have tried to resume or even develop new “normal” life paths and plans. This book lets families introduce (or remind) children of the role and presence of God in their lives–and hearts–and encourages them to use their relationship with God to find peace and relief from anxiety and fear.

Illustrations Help Younger Listeners “Read” the Story Too. Night of Mysterious Blessings is a book that should be shared and discussed with young listeners and readers as a family. I think it is the perfect bedtime story to share with Christian children. This book is extra special because even little non-readers can follow the story from the illustrations after their first reading with a parent or caregiver. The pictures are expressive and comforting and add wonderfully to the story’s presentation.  

Would I Recommend Night of Mysterious Blessings by Sally Metzger? Night of Mysterious Blessings is a beautiful book to help children use faith and God’s love to add to their emotional well-being tool-kit and coping skills during times of fear or anxiety. In addition to the story, readers will find some added discussion questions and family-friendly craft ideas to help continue the story beyond the book’s pages. With simple rhymes and lovely illustrations, this is an excellent book for Christian families to use to introduce concepts of God’s love, protection, and presence.

Click here to read the full review and learn more about “A Mama’s Corner of the World”.

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