| ​Mind the Rocks and the Sky |

My husband and I often walk on a path where blue skies peek at us through the branches of gorgeous trees. Unfortunately, our trail is also laden with stumbling blocks called rocks. I’ve had to learn to mind both the rocks and the sky.

If I gaze too long at the sky and its lovely ever-shifting light, my foot will find the rock I didn’t see. Almost certainly, I’ll fall on my face or skin my hands protecting it. But if I don’t look up now and then and appreciate the changing view, I’ll miss the adventure altogether. If I don’t do some gazing, brief but appreciative, I’ll tire from walking very soon.

On the path of life, we need a balanced view. We need to mind where we are going and not trip up because of inattention. Having goals matching our talents and contributing to the world is good. But sometimes, we allow ourselves to be so busy, so hurried, that looking up is next to impossible. Simplifying life to the extent we can, and slowing down to the degree we can, makes the journey part of the fun. Feeling driven to get to the end of the path ensures that the destination won’t be enough when we get there. We’ll find our trail joins another and another. Endless walking. It seems our victorious destinations are but a mirage.

May we ask for the grace to mind both the rocks and the sky.

Today, be aware.
God’s Life floods your heart.
It’s always Raining Grace.

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