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Falling More Deeply in Love With God

Spiritual Exercises: Growing in Christ

“Nothing they have imagined they could do would be impossible for them” (Gen. 11:16, AMB). God has given us a tremendous gift in our ability to imagine, and the Spiritual Exercises allow us to use that gift to reach the most noble of goals, falling more deeply in love with God. In this experiential workshop, I’ll lead you in imaginative Scriptural prayer focused on Jesus’ most transformative words, actions, and parables.

In Christ, we don’t need the past to give us our identity. Our identity is rooted in Him. We no longer need the future and its accomplishments to fulfill us. We are complete in Him. God meets us in the present moment. Our intimate relationship with God allows us to realize the possibilities this moment holds. Life no longer slips through our fingers as we are distracted by thoughts of the past or future.

During this evening of discussion and prayer, you’ll also experience the sacredness of silence, of resting in the Lord. In our deepest relationships, words are often unneeded, interrupting rather than creating union. We can sit with our closest loved ones and just absorb their presence. Likewise, we can just enjoy being with God, who says: “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

This presentation can be geared to people of all ages and interests.

Please see comments below, as well as Testimonials.


 Responses from Teens:

    • “This was amazing. I learned so much. I can’t wait to continue using my knowledge in prayer. And it was a pleasure talking to such a loving woman too.” M.S.
    • “It was great getting a chance to receive God in such an intimate way.” B.A.
    • “This was very powerful. And I enjoyed learning a new prayer form.” M.L.

 Responses from Adults:

    • “God’s presence was real. This was transformative. Sally gave me tools I can really use in my life.” A.N.
    • “I never put much thought into my relationship with God. But during (prayer) I had my first interior experience. I learned about myself and what God meant to me.” T.G.
    • “Thank you for the wonderful advent retreat this year. I loved the guided prayer. I am continuing my journey with fortification from you.” N.G.
    • ”The prayer made me feel deep trust in God. I’m not a big worrier anymore.” J.W.G.

All presentations can be adapted to meet your group’s needs.