The other day an 83-year-old living in the skilled nursing center where I minister was taunted by junior high school kids. They were kids who had taken up residence in her unkind mind.

By virtue of our noble birth as children of Divinity, we all should be free of put-downs by others (and ourselves.) Who were the humans who created your inner litany of abuse? Perhaps for you, it was the nasty kids in middle school, or the artificial friend who sabotaged you, or the parent who did their best yet was sorely lacking. Those voices probably belong to your past. Only you can give them time travel privileges. Our brain, not always super brainy, can and does bring those bullies’ voices or their ideas to life again.

If we want to reach our full potential for joy and contribute to the world—if we wish for the fulfillment of a truly meaningful life, we must learn to listen to our inner monologue or dialogue. We must be the gatekeeper of our thoughts, or we will be their victim. An unobserved mind will wander through the weeds. Living in an imperfect world, everyone has weeds, unless and until they undertake to prune them out.

Our emotional life will give us a wealth of information about our inner conversations. If we’re in the doldrums, being chased by invisible bears, or tormented by feelings of inferiority, it’s worth a listen to what’s going on in our minds. Does our thinking (usually judging) reflect our highest wisdom in our current stage of life? We might interrupt unworthy thoughts with an update. If we keep our minds well-pruned, we won’t get tangled up in the same old weeds.

Of course, pruning is a big job. Thank God it’s raining grace!

Today, be aware.
God’s Life floods your heart.
It’s always Raining Grace.

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