| ​The Power of Acceptance |

Few practices provide more spiritual growth, freedom, or inner peace than acceptance. When our boat has capsized and broken into pieces, there is little point in struggling against the rapids. Better to go with the flow until another option opens up. Acceptance means to stop fighting the flow of life and trust that God has plans for us downstream.

Acceptance is a potent form of prayer. It is honoring God not just with our holy words but with our attitude and actions. Acceptance involves letting go of the need to be in control—a need based on the illusion that if we don’t accept what is happening, it won’t keep happening. To be genuinely free of unrealistic demands on ourselves, others, God, and life, we must humbly admit that we’re not the center of the universe—with others, God, and life revolving around us and doing our bidding.

I started this piece with the words, “Few practices …” How appropriate—because acceptance takes practice. The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, notice your reaction. Can you accept that people aren’t perfect drivers, and they probably aren’t out to get you personally?

Life provides tons of frustrating opportunities to practice acceptance—to get good at it! We won’t be up to accepting the true heartaches that befall us with sanity and peace unless we practice acceptance daily. Frustration takes on a whole new meaning when seen as an opportunity to grow in freedom, trust, and relationship with our loving God. And, as always, our generous God provides the grace we need to do what is impossible on our own. Ask for the grace of acceptance.

Today, be aware.
God’s Life floods your heart.
It’s always Raining Grace.

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